in our austin studio

FORTUNE GOODS is the product of a clash between the minds of Carson Monahan and Jon Sneden. Sometime circa 2015 in Austin, Texas, the trip that we call Fortune began. 

With passion for both design and story, we combined our experience, creative backgrounds, and appreciation of vintage objects to create things with a purpose, all made in the USA. From garment to accessory and old to new, we share the things we love that are tried, true, soulful, and made to last.
We go the extra mile to design, create, and test our products to be on par with the vintage objects that we prize and respect. Our product not only affects the lives of the people we collaborate with, but hopefully forges a meaningful connection with you as well.
FORTUNE holds a true sense of adventure. We go straight to source. We immerse ourselves in wild situations and collaborate with real people that make this world an amazing place. We develop our products the right way, which isn’t always safe and easy. If at the end of the day we’ve earned a few new scars, then we’re on the right track.
We’re here. You're here. Join us for the trip!